BUBBA Q – The Story


Heard the one about the Scotsman, The Pole and The American?


No! It’s not a joke!!!


The story behind Bubba Q is not false, there is no fabricated gumph to disguise a poor product, we don’t give a sh*t about fancy marketing or buzz words or market analysis!

The Bubba Q story is in essence a rags to (hopefully) riches tale of 2 friends with a dream to make their lifelong passion – to cook and to entertain – into a reality, this is a real life example of The America Dream in action, but set in the heart of our great country!


Maciek and Bubba (see where we got the name from!) have lived and created a life for themselves in Scotland for 20 years and consider themselves as Scottish as most.

Their travels across America had them stumble upon the Holy Grail of Food – BBQ!


Weeks and months of research into the perfect meats to use, wood to smoke with, even down to developing our very own signature BBQ dry rub has brought us to where we are today – a menu fit for Bubba Q.


We have gut busting desserts and indulgent drinks with handcrafted shakes – in true American style we want no one to leave our house hungry!!!



MON - THURS 12:00AM - 09:00PM

FRI - SAT 12:00AM - 10:00PM

SUNDAY 12:00 AM - 09:00PM

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